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Health Passionates is dedicated to healing through positivity of body, mind and soul. Our team of experts guides people to be conscious of their health. They help people suffering from lifestyle related diseases by helping them manage their condition and even cure them through their diet, using pure natural herbs, supplements, physical exercises, pranayam and meditation. We follow the way mother nature has guided us to.                           

We believe that by altering our food and lifestyle habits, we can become really healthy and live a fulfilling life.


What Health passionates offer

Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Weight Management
Improve Liver Function
Blood Pressure Hypertension
Immunity Enhancement
Acidity/Gut Problem
Skin Disease

News and Articles

American Wedding Planner In The Uk

Needless to say, she couldn't get a few of these components in Saskatchewan in 1945. As they settled in throughout the country, these women had been struck by the abundance of meals in Canada. Most of them had endured 5 years of meals rationing, scarcity and...

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High Uric Acid

Natural Treatment for High Uric Acid High uric acid level occurs when your kidneys don't eliminate uric acid properly . Uric Acid is a by product of metabolism that is present in blood. If there is too much uric acid in the Reaching healthy body weight helps reduce...

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Cancer Causing Foods

1 soda , corbonated drinks 2 Red Meat specially Grilled one 3.Microwave popcorn 4.canned foods 5. Hydrogenated oils 6.Artificial sweeteners 7.Refined white flour 8.pesticides laden fruits & vegatables 9.Processed meat 10.Potato chips 11.GMO foods 12. Alcohol ,...

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