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Question is what is truth ?

Cholesterol is a waxy molecule essential for life. So important, in fact, that virtually every cell can make it. It is the main structural component for all the cells and tissues in the human body. It plays a major role in bone building, is the main building block for adrenal and reproductive hormones, and is needed to synthesize the bile salts required for proper digestion, and the brain and nervous system are both highly dependent upon it for optimal function. Our body itself manufactures around 80–85 percent of the cholesterol it requires, with the other 15 -20 percent coming from the diet .The great majority of our cholesterol is made by the body, not consumed from food. Dietary cholesterol has little impact on us. And, it is a common myth that cholesterol is the culprit of heart disease. Rather than cause obstructions in our arteries, cholesterol shows up like an ambulance, when irritation occurs, to fix it. It’s been shown through scientific studies over decades that just as many people get heart attacks that have low cholesterol as high.

But then what is the real problem ?

The real offender is a diet of too much sugar and starch causing too much insulin in the bloodstream. Every time you eat carbs (and there are carbs in almost everything including vegetables, but not in fat), insulin is released to ferry the breakdown of that food or beverage, which is now glucose, from the bloodstream into the cells. Due to our highly refined carb diet, and frequent snacking, extra insulin is being called forth multiple times a day. We begin to develop a state of insulin resistance (IR): either 1) You can’t produce enough insulin for your constant carb consumption and/ or 2) You’re gaining weight (the two go hand in hand) and belly fat blocks the action of insulin. This inefficient use of insulin is what causes obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s – also known as Type 3 diabetes.

it’s insulin resistance not the cholesterol that casus more degenerative diseases .

Problem of Diabetes is not an Sugar problem (your doctor treats you for sugar which is rather an symptom ) rather Problem of Diabetes and many other diseases is insulin resistance .

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