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Natural Treatment for High Uric Acid

High uric acid level occurs when your kidneys don’t eliminate uric acid properly . Uric Acid is a by product of metabolism that is present in blood. If there is too much uric acid in the Reaching healthy body weight helps reduce the risk of gout . Obesity increases the risk of gout, especially in young people.

Being overweight also increases a person’s risk of metabolism syndrome. It can increase blood pressure and cholesterol while increasing the risk of heart disease. These effects are harmful in their own case, as overweight, higher blood uric acid levels are associated with a higher risk, which increases the risk of gout.

Therefore, people should focus on making long-term sustainable changes to manage weight, such as being more active, eating a balanced diet and choosing nutritious fat foods.

Purines are found in high levels in some foods such as:

• organ meats
• turkey
• fish and shellfish
• mutton
• cauliflower
• green peas
• dried beans/ Dals
• mushrooms

Purines are also formed and broken down in your body.Normally, your body filters out uric acid through your kidneys and in urine. If you consume too much purine in your diet, or if your body can’t get rid of this by-product fast enough, uric acid can build up in your blood.

Herbal Treatment for High Uric Acid:-

1. Drink water many times , avoid sugury food items .
2. Stop use of refined oils and table / sea salt. Never add extra salt.
3. Put cut lemon and cinnamon in boiling hot water and drink as warm as possible.
4. Make Hara Dhaniya / pudina water and drink as warm as feasible.
5. Eat Hara Dhaniya.Try to keep fruits and vegetable salads in diet.
6. If Hara Dhaniya not available, make Dhaniya seed water and drink.
7. Eat lots of Radish, Garlic, onion and carrot in salad, mixed with Dahi.
8. Dry roast cumin seeds, jeera, pound them lightly and store in a glass bottle. Take one table spoon, add in one liter of water and boil. When it remains approx 3/4 liter, let it cool down. Drinking cup of it four times a day.
9. Take one tea spoon of soaked Methi, Fenugreek seeds every day. You can soak overnight and use them.
10.Restrict use of more protein in your diet.
11. Avoid any packaged food products and carbonated drinks.
12. Try to walk everyday and remain away from Stress

Stress, poor sleeping habits, and too little exercise can increase inflammation. Inflammation may set off a high uric acid level.
Practice mindful techniques such as breathing exercises and yoga to help you cope with your stress levels.

Some medications and supplements can also cause uric acid to build up in the blood. These include:

• aspirin
• vitamin B-3 (niacin)
• diuretics
• immune-suppressing drugs
• chemotherapy drugs

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